Life in Canada


Canada is another preferred location for Indian students who wish to study and work abroad. With its hospitable atmosphere and a diverse international diaspora, Canada is the perfect place to explore the plethora of possibilities and enjoy your stay as a scholar-professional.

If you choose to study in Canada, you are opting for a thriving job scenario and an intellectually challenging atmosphere that will demand you to be at your best. Besides this, Canada is also home to popular sightseeing locations and student-friendly cities such as Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto.

In terms of other aspects, the country has a well connected transportation network and several options for comfortable accommodation. Learn more about what life as a student in the Maple Country looks like.

Why Choose Canada?


Several Canadian institutes such as the Universities of Ottawa, Toronto, British Columbia and McGill University claim top seeds in the QS rankings regularly. Life in Canada is blissful and is full of little nuances that will add to your perception of the world.

These universities offer comfortable residential facilities on their campuses, besides preparing you for the future. Many students choose to stay back in Canada due to the potential of lucrative professional opportunities after education.

If it interests you, you can also apply for Canadian citizenship. You will need sufficient documentation to live, work and study in Canada as a permanent or a temporary resident/visitor.

Our experts will be happy to help you on every step of the way in this exhausting process. We believe that pursuing your education in Canada will open you up to myriad opportunities.

Part-Time Work Opportunities

International students in Canada pick up a range of part-time jobs for additional financial support to live in the country. Canada allows all immigrant scholars to work besides chasing their academic credits, all on a part-time basis. Many employers also extend additional work benefits to part-time employees.

Getting a student visa allows you to dedicate 20 hours/week in addition to study. Applicants are also open to reducing the working hours if they feel it interferes with academics.

Job profiles such as translators, content writers, tutorships, social media assistants, baristas and Uber drivers give students the option of flexible employment.

The Canadian student visa allows you to work 20 hours/week along with study. You can reduce the number of hours if you feel you aren’t able to cope with the work. These jobs pay anywhere between $15-$60/hour. The minimum wage rate is set by the country’s territorial and provincial governments and might differ.

Canada’s Student Visa Policy

Post-Graduation Work Permit
  • Like the UK, international students in Canada have to mandatorily apply for permits and visas to stay and study in the country. You can even apply to the post-graduation work permit program to extend your stay and work for up to 3 years after the completion of your studies. The permit is subject to variations in the course duration.

  • For instance, you can stay in Canada for a year if you are enrolled in a year-long academic course. Pursuing a course of two years provides you the stayback time of 3 years. If your degree/course amounts up to a time between 8 months and 2 years, you will be designated a permit equal to the course tenure.

  • Unfortunately, there is no automatic extension for the post-work permit. International students need to apply for the same within 180 days of their respective course completion

Eligibility Criteria for the PGWPP
  • To be eligible for the country’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP), you need to-

  • Be a full time student in Canada with a course duration of 16 months or more. A student enrolled in a course of 8 months or less is not eligible to apply for the permit.

  • Apply for the permit within 90 days of completing your degree/course. You also require a written transcript or an official letter from your university/education provider notifying the  same.

  • Must be a student visa holder at the time of applying/+.

  • If you have enrolled in a programme of study in this list of learning institutions compiled by the Canadian government here, you may apply for the permit on this portal here.

  • The Canadian government’s official website provides more details on the temporary work permits and the way for permanent residentship.

Student Direct Stream (SDS)
  • Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada is the concerned department that administers the Study Direct Stream (SDS) program. The SDS was launched with the aim of expediting the visa process for Indian students and the residents of the mentioned countries specifically.
  • Contrary to a wait time of 2-3 months, Indian students can get their visas within 4-6 weeks under SDS. The process rate for most applications stands at 20 days at maximum. The applications for the SDS stream can be filled via the official website for the Canadian government. The same portal has detailed information on how to get citizenship in Canada.
  • In case you wish to know more about SDS, check in with the Canada Immigration Rules portal, here.
Visa Extension
  • You can apply for a visa extension promptly before the expiration of your current permit. International students should file an online application for the extension here, all within 30 days before your permit expires.
  • You need to fulfill the criteria stated, possess the mentioned documents in accordance with the country’s immigration rules.
Assistance and Student Support in Canada

Canadian universities are reputed for upholding their international students’ rights to health and safety. You can look up to a variety of student support organizations for all kinds of support and assistance to ensure your health and safety in Canada. The following bodies offer support 24×7 to students who need their help-

Central Helpline
  • International students studying in Canada might encounter initial difficulties in adjusting or navigating the country. They might also require help like financial assistance and mental health counseling beyond their academic commitments.
  • Students can dial the central helpline number 911 to get in immediate touch with police, fire services or the ambulance. If you don’t know sufficient English, you can also hire interpreters to get your message across on the same number.
Student NGOs and Organizations in Canada
Centre for Canadian International Student Services (CISS)
  • The CISS is a Canadian organization dedicated to offer language programmes, study tours and community engagement services to international students. It is reputed for making your stay more hospitable in keeping with their credo of care, relevance, rigor and integrity. You can find more about them on their official website here.
  • Other organizations that offer necessary mental health support to international students in Canada are-
    • Jed Foundation helpline- 988
    • Crisis Services Canada helpline- 1.833.456.4566
    • Canadian Mental Health Association helpline- 416-967-2626
Health and Safety in Canada

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can avail the country’s free health insurance programme referred to as Medicare. However, international students are not eligible for it and have to arrange adequate health insurance to cover the duration of their stay and study in Canada.

Since health insurance policies and provisions vary across the various provinces of Canada, the exact details are dependent on the institute where you choose to study. Several provinces can give you this cover via their respective public health insurance schemes. You can also get in contact with private healthcare providers such as-

  • Find Insurance
  • OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance (OLHI)
Wrapping Up

Pursuing a chosen course of study in Canada is possible while enjoying a high-quality lifestyle that accommodates several opportunities of sightseeing, local and professional engagement.

Our experts are always ready to help you out with your queries and concerns in order to make your stay in the Maple Country more invigorating and pleasurable.