Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

Why Choose to Work in Australia?

Several students take to working a part-time job while they pursue their academic goals in Australia. Besides being a top preference for quality education abroad, Australia also offers a variety of professional opportunities to students and workers to earn a decent stipend and enjoy the country’s high-quality lifestyle.

The employment scenario in the country is quite positive for both skilled and unskilled workers. Let’s delve into the reasons why you should choose to do a job in Australia and the various options you can explore in the island continent!

Ease of Working in Australia
  • Most students who have pursued their degrees in Australia choose to stay back on an extended permit to enjoy the country’s lifestyle and culture.
  • Overseas students are required to return back promptly after their academic programme wraps up. However, with a post study work visa, you can work even after your bachelors, masters or doctoral programme. We have elaborated the job landscape in Australia with all its details for you in the below sections.
  • Before you move ahead, we advise you to keep checking in with the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs for latest changes in the PSWP policies and other guidelines.
Learning About the Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485

The post-study work permit is popularly known as the temporary graduate visa belonging to the subclass 485 category. These visas can be referred to as another lease of life in Australia. Securing a subclass 485 permit allows you to stay back after the completion of your course to work and stay in Australia temporarily.


The eligibility criteria for the post-study work permit is quite simple and straightforward. According to the latest guidelines provided by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, the interested applicants have to fulfill the following-

  • You must fall under the age bar of 50 years.
  • The applicant must already hold an eligible Australian student visa
  • You should have held a student visa in the six months before applying for a post-study work permit
  • You should have completed an eligible degree or course from a CRICOS registered institute in Australia
  • You should have been in the country for at least 16 calendar months for your stated course of study and should have completed your degree over at least 92 weeks.
  • Your first Australian student visa should not be older than 5 November, 2011.
  • The applicant should possess a valid health insurance cover for the duration of the post-study work permit
  • The person should not be a debtor to the government of Australia.
  • You should either be a valid passport holder in the UK, the USA, New Zealand and Canada. If you aren’t then you are required to prove your English proficiency in a standardized language test like the PTE and the OET.
Course/Qualification Stipulations

To gain an Australian visa under the ‘post study work’ stream, you need to adhere to the following details while pursuing your degree-

  • The academic programme you are enrolled in should be registered in the CRICOS framework.
  • The course should be in English and should last over 92 weeks at least.
  • You must complete all the requirements stated in the course and complete your study within at least 16 months.
  • You must already possess a valid student visa to study in Australia before applying for the post work study permit.
  • Your course should NOT be a diploma if you have to register for a subclass 485 visa under the post study work stream. However, you still can apply for a graduate work stream visa.
Duration and Other Details

The PSW subclass 485 visa requires candidates to complete at least 2 years in an academic programme to be eligible for the extension. Students have the choice of pursuing more than one degree but they have to mandatorily complete 2 years of rigorous study in Australia.

A PSW visa can last anywhere between 2 years to 4 years. It will be ideal for you to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral programme in the country as they fit in the stated time frame for you to be eligible for the permit.

Apart from that, you should hold your first student visa after 5th November 2011 and should be younger than 50 if you are applying for the permit. The duration of the visa depends on the kind of degree you have completed in Australia. For instance, the post study work permit will-

  • Be of 2 years for bachelor’s and master’s degree holders.
  • Be of 3 years for a Master’s by research degree
  • Be of 4 years for a doctoral degree
Top High-Paying Jobs in Australia

With a post-study work permit, students can explore a range of high-paying avenues in Australia. The country offers exceptional career opportunities in the fields of finance, business, technology, IT and healthcare. Some of the most lucrative job profiles in Australia are-

  • Business Analyst
  • Finance Lead
  • Doctor
  • Software Developer
  • Wellbeing Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Mining Engineer

The list is only indicative of the multiple job profiles available to students in Australia. There are other specialized options as well, such as positions in banking, hospitality management, bookkeeping etc. Students need to undergo vocational training to claim jobs in these arenas and nurture an independent and resilient spirit.

The work culture in Australia can be demanding and highly competitive. However, landing lucrative jobs in the country offers a high starting salary if you have some really impressive skills.

Organizations often look for employees who are assets to their growth and pay handsomely if they find such candidates. If you are one of them, you can easily earn an attractive salary that can go beyond AUD 167,000.

Part-Time Jobs in Australia for Students

Studying in Australia can be a costly affair. To supplement their finances and support their high-quality lifestyle, several students work part-time besides studies. The experience also gives them some insight while helping them gain some financial leverage while living in a foreign country. Students in Australia seek jobs in the following verticals to support themselves-

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Teaching
  • Services
  • Food and Beverages
  • Telemarketing
  • Delivery
  • On-Campus occupations
Rates and Wages
  • The rates and wages for these jobs are decided by the Fair Wage Commission’s wage policy of 2018. According to the FWC, the prescribed minimum working wage is AUD18.93 for part-time workers and AUD23.66 for casual employees.
  • An international student in Australia is allowed to work 40 hours a fortnight for every semester. There is no time cap on working during semester breaks.
  • The wages cannot go lower than this floor. Working night shifts can definitely get you a higher pay. However, final wages can differ as per cities, locations and employers.
  • As an international student with a post-study work permit, you have the same working rights as everyone else in Australia. You can browse for jobs using online job portals or go with your resume and hand it to prospective employers. We recommend that you check the careers section of the particular industry or company, if you are looking for skilled jobs.