Jobs in the United Kingdom

Jobs in the United Kingdom

Why Choose to Work in the UK?

In terms of a fulfilling and lucrative career, the United Kingdom (UK) grants international students a plethora of options to engage themselves in gainful employment. Several students stay back in the UK on a post-study work visa.

Gaining a viable permit is important for a student to work in the UK and stay comfortably. Higher pay, challenging opportunities and a sincere work ethic are a few reasons why students choose to work in the UK. Take a look at all the aspects that inform your career choice in the country!

Ease of Working in the UK
  • The UK provides a variety of employment options to international students that include both on-campus and off-campus jobs. Overseas scholars often wish to translate their academic qualifications into a well-paying job to support and enjoy life in the UK.

  • The ease of working in the country for foreign students is quite high. The UK has several employers who recruit students on a regular basis for salaried, part time and casual work. Students who wish to go a little higher can aim for tutorships or work as interns to gain experience in a specific industry.

  • Students are required to possess a valid Tier-4 visa to access working rights, employment opportunities and a minimum guaranteed wage in the UK. You can also apply for a post study work permit via the New Graduate Route to support yourself with a job in the country. Check in with the UK Government’s official guidelines on the topic and newest policy updates here.

Learning About the Post Study Work Visa in UK

The UK Government offers international students the opportunity to stay back as professionals in the country on a post study work permit.

The permit is also referred to as the Graduate visa. Besides ensuring a comfortable stay, a graduate visa guarantees you the perks of being eligible to look for almost all work profiles in the UK, be a self-employed person or a volunteer in an organization and even continue living with your spouse and children here.


In order to be eligible for the graduate visa, applicants should fulfill the listed criteria before applying on the online portal

  • You should have a valid academic degree from a registered education provider/university in the UK
  • You should already possess a Tier 4 student visa before applying for the post study work permit via the Graduate route.
  • You should be a verified British immigrant.
  • A valid travel document like a passport that displays your nationality and identity
  • Possess a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if it was assigned to you at the time of applying for a Tier-4 visa
  • You should have your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number from your education provider
  • Proof of relationship with spouses/dependents if they are also staying with you
  • A letter from your sponsor/ scholarship provider if they have provided you financial assistance in the last 12 months of study in the UK
Course/Qualification Stipulations

There are certain guidelines you have to adhere to in order to gain the visa under the graduate stream if you have to work in the UK. These are-

  • You should have completed your degree in the/after the summer of 2021
  • Your education provider should have intimated the country’s home department that you have successfully completed all the requirements for your degree
  • You need to study for at least 12 months/ the complete duration for your degree in the UK
  • You began your 1-year/2-year/3-year masters or doctoral programme in or later than 2020-21/2019-20/2018-19
Duration and Other Details
  • The graduate visa in the UK lasts for between 2-3 years. The duration varies according to your qualification. If you possess a regular graduate or postgraduate degree from a verified education provider, your post-study work permit will last for 2 years.

  • Those with a doctoral qualification or higher get a graduate visa period of 3 years to work in the UK as an employee with a firm/provider or be self-employed.

  • If you wish to stay with your partner/dependants/children, they will have to apply separately for the extension. They should have already registered on your Tier 4 student visa before being eligible to apply to stay with you while you live in the UK on a post-study work permit. You also have the option of switching to a Skilled worker visa too. The guidelines for it are given here.

Top High-Paying Jobs in the UK

Pursuing your career in the UK can be a life-changing prospect professionally. The country is home to several top companies and employers who are looking forward to hiring skilled and qualified workers.

The eligibility to work in certain sectors is dependent on how many jobs are available in a specific area in the country. We have listed some of the topmost jobs in the  UK sought by applicants due to the great pay and multiple perks.

  • Business Analysts
  • Operations Manager
  • Enterprise Architect
  • IT Professionals
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • SEO/ SEM Expert
  • Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
  • Ground Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Geologist

All these jobs are merely indicative of the thriving employment scenario in the UK. These jobs come with an average salary of about £35,000 and above, if the candidates have ample experience to demonstrate.

Therefore, getting a bankable degree to be eligible for these professions is necessary for applicants. There are several other job profiles that can be claimed with some training and self-education such as freelancers, SEO/SEM experts and writing. However, most reputed employers at known companies actively search for talents in business, finance, technology, medicine etc.

The job ethic in the UK demands candidates to put their best foot forward. Being versatile, quick-thinking and well-versed in your area can help you achieve professional highs and aim for further growth.

Part-Time Jobs in the UK for Students

Freshers or students pursuing their respective degrees in the UK can find a range of part-time jobs that pay a decent stipend. The country’s excellent business environment grants overseas students various opportunities to work on campus or off it under accomplished business owners.

Studying and living in the UK is expensive despite all the perks it offers. Students pick up part-time jobs to have an additional source of income to provide and pay for their living expenses. You can explore the following options and industries to work part-time in the UK:-

  • Retail store workers
  • Hospitality and wellness
  • Translation
  • Education
  • Cooking
  • Services
  • Customer Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Library Assistance
  • Tech Support

Finding jobs can be easier for you if your approach is flexible and if you are open to networking with peers and bosses. Off-campus jobs are relatively easier to find given the presence of several small and big businesses in the UK. Choose a profile that imbibes you with requisite professional skills and experience, preparing you for the future.

Rates and Wages

The UK government has a list of minimum working wages to protect the employees working in the country. These wages and rates are subject to worker ages, with the lowest being 16 years which is the school-leaving age in the UK.

According to current information, the national minimum wage rates in the UK are-

  • £5.28/hour for apprentice workers and those under 18
  • £7.49/hour for workers aged 18-20
  • £10.18/hour for workers aged 21-23
  • £10.42/hour for workers aged above 23
  • All kinds of workers except self-employed, prisoners, employees working under the Jobcentre Plus Work Trial and several other classes are entitled to the minimum wage in the UK. These rates and wages can change over time. To keep a tab on the same, check this list by the UK Government..