Jobs in the USA

Jobs in the USA

Why Choose to Work in the USA?

It goes without being said, but the USA is a premier country to find high-paying employment for aspiring job seekers. If you are looking for opportunities to help you achieve that career high and live your dream lifestyle, pursuing a career in the USA as a self-employed person can be your chance to achieve all this.

We have provided a brief overview of career profiles and the application procedure to get a work permit in the USA. Take a look at the relevant sections to know more about jobs in the USA.

Ease of Working in the USA
  • Working in the USA is the dream of every accomplished professional and student. The country is a fertile ground for high-ticket jobs in domains related to technology, finance, academia, healthcare and other fields. It is understandable why students are eager to study and pursue a career in the USA. The prospects and the potential of growth is immensely beneficial for professionals who like to think ahead of their times.

  • Although working in the USA is the great romantic dream for several people, it is quite difficult to find a job in the country as an international student. Employers in the USA are quick to scrutinize candidates given their cultural differences. Immigrants have to be transparent about their visa status and other details to avoid running into any trouble that can deport them back to their country

  • International students have to secure a legitimate post study work permit to work in the USA after completing their degree/courses. To apply for the same, you need to abide by the guidelines stipulated by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Learning About the Post Study Work Visa in USA

As you must be aware, there are three different visa subcategories in the USA. These are the F, J and M categories. The F1 student visa is the most popular and enables international students to work temporarily for 1 year in their area of study.

It is important to know that working on a student visa has certain restrictions. Students in the first year of their course cannot work outside the campus. However, according to the USCIS guidelines, first year students can work under-

  • 1.Curricular Practical Training (CPT) which is work related to course requirements
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT, which is directly related to a job in the area of study
  • OPT specifically for STEM fields

The main area of concern is the OPT. With this permit, international students in the USA can work and stay back in the country after their degree concludes. There are two kinds of OPT that can be used by foreign students in the USA, which are-

  • Pre Completion OPT- This can be used to work while you pursue the course
  • Post Completion OPT- This begins after you conclude your course

The main point of OPT is getting a job specific to your field of study. An OPT permit holder has to find the job within 90 days of the degree completion. STEM field graduates have an additional benefit of a 24 month extension that allows them to work in the USA.

F1 and M1 student visa holders can also be eligible for off-campus jobs under exceptional circumstances of severe economic hardship, or if they are recipients of special student relief. We advise you to apply for scholarships, grants and bursaries beforehand to avoid this situation.


To be eligible for the post study work visa in the USA, international students need to acknowledge the following standards-

  • You must maintain a lawful and valid F1 status
  • Apply for the OPT well before you complete your academic commitments
  • You need to get a recommendation for the OPT from your  Designated School Official (DSO). The DSO is responsible for filing a formal OPT request for international students on SEVIS.
  • You are required to generate a fresh I-20 form and duly complete it.
  • You need to get an Employee AAuthorization Document (EAD) from the USCIS
  • You need to answer each and every query from the USCIS and furnish the required evidence when requested.
  • The employment you are seeking should be directly connected to your area of study.
Course/Qualification Stipulations

Filing for an OPT is a tricky process that differs for degree holders in STEM and non-STEM fields. Take a note of the following points to know about the specific course-related stipulations about the OPT-

  • For STEM graduates- Requests for both pre and post completion OPT should be entered by the DSO on your SEVIS record. For pre-completion, you need to apply 90 days prior to the finishing of your degree programme. For post-completion, you need to apply within 30 days of the entry on SEVIS. You cannot apply later than 60 days of the completion of your degree for the OPT.
  • For non-STEM graduates- Same as STEM, your OPT request has to be entered on the SEVIS record by the DSO. You can file an application 90 days before the degree and 30 days within the SEVIS entry.
Duration and Other Details
  • An OPT for graduates lasts for between 1-2 years. STEM graduates are eligible for staying longer than non-STEM graduates on an OPT permit. Any request for off-campus employment has to be authorized on a prior basis by the DSO and the USCIS.

Top High-Paying Jobs in the USA

Once their degree is complete and the permit is approved immigrants can enjoy a range of employment opportunities in the USA. These careers are highly preferred and give a competitive advantage to selected candidates over other professionals. Some of the high-ticket jobs in the USA are-

  • Statisticians and Operational Research Analyst
  • Software Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Data Scientist
  • Healthcare Professional
  • Industrial and Mechanical Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Veterinarian

    Working in these professions under reputed employers and organizations requires candidates to be an expert in their domain. A qualification and strong work ethic does the talking for you when you are finding a job in the USA. The average starting salary for these jobs starts from $70,000 and above, depending on your choice of career.

    Part-Time Jobs in the USA for Students

    Overseas students can face the heat from the competitive job market when hunting for an opening. Getting a part-time job in the USA is a staple for many international students. Since the options are limited due to the visa requirements, students have to stay abreast of work opportunities both on and off the campus. The following sectors and occupations are popular among international students in the USA-

    • On-Campus- Library page, teaching assistant, catering assistants, food runners, research study assistants
    • Off-Campus- Store associates, call center executive, language interpreters, translators, baristas, waiters, delivery partners, cooks, retail executives, telemarketers

    While these jobs are not as lucrative as a full-fledged professional career, they can be your way to gain an insight about the country’s strict and demanding work ethic. These occupations come with a flexibility you might need when you are also chasing your academic goals.

    Rates and Wages
    • The hourly rates and wages in the USA differ according to age. These rates are announced by the US Department of Labour and require employers to abide by fair standards of payment. The hourly rates can differ across states and employment options.

    • The average hourly rate range in the constituent states of the USA stands at $7.25-$16.10. Apprentices earn the lowest, while full-fledged professionals earn a higher wage. Students can dedicate up to 40 working hours per week in most of the states. You can check the specific rates for every state here.